Santa Barbara

Prom Dress

Since 2006, the Prom Boutique has loaned prom dresses and accessories, to local high school girls in Santa Barbara County, for their senior prom. From original inventory of 233 dresses, the program has expanded to include approximately 600 dresses which are donated by members of the community. The dresses are consistently inspected and needed cleaning or maintenance are performed. Dresses that are removed from the inventory are shared with our Community Friends. The schools, other nonprofits, social media and enthusiasm of our girls help to make this an appreciated and growing program.

Vision Statement: Improve lives of residents in Santa Barbara County by providing financial, educational, and social support to children and adults in need.

Mission Statement: Assistance league of Santa Barbara is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization that develops and implements programs to benefit children and adults in Santa Barbara County.

A Chapter of National Assistance League®