Santa Barbara

Operation School Bell ® Goleta (Las Aletas)

Serving the Goleta Union School District and Head Start program, Las Aletas' Operation School Bell provides new clothing, books, backpacks, school supplies, toiletries and shoe vouchers to children in need.  Referred by school liaisons and social workers, our services help children arrive in the classroom with improved self-esteem and better prepared to succeed. Started in 1979 and located in a bungalow behind the Goleta Valley Community Center, Las Aletas' Operation School Bell outfits more than 1000 local children each year .

Vision Statement: Improve lives of residents in Santa Barbara County by providing financial, educational, and social support to children and adults in need.

Mission Statement: Assistance league of Santa Barbara is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization that develops and implements programs to benefit children and adults in Santa Barbara County.

A Chapter of National Assistance League®