Santa Barbara

Family Learning Center

Since 2002, Assistance League of Santa Barbara members have provided tutoring and mentoring support to participating children and their families. Approximately 25 children are served weekly, Monday through Thursday afternoons at the Family Opportunity Center. Children are helped with reading, math and homework assignments, as well as enrichment activities. This program is in association with the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara. In 2006 the Assisteens® of Santa Barbara was established and they also provide homework help, donate books from their annual book drive and help with holiday celebrations with the kids.












Housing Authority Community Partner of the Year Award to Assistance League of Santa Barbara for 2015

 "The Housing Authority’s Community Partner of the Year Award was established in 2009. Past winners have included the New Beginnings Counseling Center and Path-Point to name a couple. This year’s selection of the Assistance League of Santa Barbara will be  our 6th award recipient. When providing the ballot to all Housing Authority staff (each staffer gets 1 vote), we ask that they nominate an agency, organization and/or business for the “Community Partner Award”.   This year, Assistance League of Santa Barbara was far and away the top “vote getter” by Housing Authority staff.  The reason was simple, the members that participate in tutoring young housing authority residents at our Family Opportunity Center are the most giving and “can do” volunteers we have ever encountered.  They give not just from the mind but from the heart as well.

As an organization created to serve the housing needs of low income seniors, the disabled and families, we recognize that we cannot meet all of the community’s affordable housing needs and our clients’ social service needs on our own.  We need to collaborate.  Assistance League of Santa Barbara knows how to collaborate in very effective ways and have been critical to our success and that of our clients.  While we know we cannot “build our way” out of Santa Barbara’s most difficult affordable housing dilemma, we know we can make sure the young people we house are given every opportunity to succeed intellectually, emotionally and educationally so that they can pursue their socio-economic advancement and not be part of our future client population.  Assistance League of Santa Barbara's support of the Housing Authority’s mission, the relationship we enjoy with them and their responsiveness to our requests and ease of working with them, made them our obvious choice for the year’s Community Partner Award."

Rob Pearson, Executive Director/CEO Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara

Vision Statement: Improve lives of residents in Santa Barbara County by providing financial, educational, and social support to children and adults in need.

Mission Statement: Assistance league of Santa Barbara is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization that develops and implements programs to benefit children and adults in Santa Barbara County.

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